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MPC Wasp Nest Removal Guildford £55

Are you being pestered by those nuisance wasps in Guildford?
Don’t panic, Wasp nest removal Guildford are only a quick call away!

Wasps are notoriously one of the most feared pests currently in the UK. They become active towards early June just as the weather starts to warm up.
The queen wasp will forage for wood which is stripped and used to create a very small nest which will protect the first eggs the queen will produce.
Once hatched these young workers will quickly increase the size of the nest to hold the ever increasing amount of workers being produced.
Once the nest is fully established (July – August) it will hold a substantial amount of wasps enabling them to attack in an instance.

this wasp nest in guildford had over 10,000 wasps in

Safe & Effective Treatments

Many people try diy wasp nest removal by buying a powder or foam from the local store. This usually ends up with you being stung severely or an unsuccessful treatment.
MPC Wasp nest removal Guildford charge a guaranteed fixed price of just £55. Our vast experience and knowledge enable us to quickly and more importantly treat the wasps nest successfully first time.

Using our pressurized insecticide sprayer we can get the dust right into the nest meaning a quick and effective treatment, usually destroying the wasps within an hour.

Wasp & Hornet Control Only £55

Treating a wasp nest yourself is very dangerous and not recommended, wasps will let off a pheromone alerting the others to attack often just by vibrations caused by treading on a loft panel or roof tile.
Often people find they are allergic to wasp stings with swelling and red irritated skin the common side effects but for some people it can be life threatening.
After being stung they will experience swelling, dizziness and sickness. If you are stung by a wasp or hornet and experience any of these symptoms you must seek medical advice immediately.

Pest Control Available 7 Days A Week

All our pest control services come with a 100% guarantee so in the unlikely event your wasp nest needs a second treatment then there will be no charge for this.
We work 7 days a week aiming to bring a quick end to your problem, if you would like to book a visit then please call us or email wasp nest removal Surrey.
Remember our treatments have a guaranteed fixed price of only £55.00 inclusive. There will be no extra charges even if the treatment takes longer than expected or is difficult to complete.

What To Look For?

The most common sign of a wasp nest infestation is seeing wasps flying into a hole under a roof tile or a crack in the bricks.
A good indication of a nest in your loft is to turn the loft light on for 20 minutes then check back to see if there are any wasps flying around the light.
Like most insects wasps are attracted to light so it’s an easy way to check. It’s worth having a quick look at your lights in the bathroom or kitchen as wasps are often attracted to these bright lights often getting stuck in the light fitting itself.

Honey Bees

If you have bees nesting on your property in Guildford you should contact your local bee keeper to remove them.
Honey bees are in such decline that we do not kill them in any circumstances. We encourage the protection of our bees, but if you must have them destroyed you need to find another company who are willing to i’m afraid.

If you would like to be put in contact with a local bee keeper then please give us a call today. If we are called out to bees and not wasps then our call out fee of £30 applies.