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Mole Catcher Surrey

catching moles in Surrey

Expert Mole Catcher

I am a registered mole catcher covering Surrey.
All moles are caught using traps which is the most humane way to control moles. At no point will I use gases or poisons on moles. Trapping guarantees the removal of the problem moles and an instant dispatch of the mole.

registered mole catcher

Traditional Mole Control

Being one of only a handful of professional mole catchers in the Surrey I show my expertise by offering a no mole no fee service.
It’s simple, I only charge for the moles caught and not for checking traps or the number of visits made.
This takes out the worry of paying someone to catch the moles who is neither experienced or knowledgeable.

My mole control service has a fixed price per mole of just £90 guaranteed and I offer discounts on more than one mole caught.

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