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Wasp Nest Removal Surrey

Surrey wasp nest removal

Wasp Control £45 - Fixed Price!

If you are having problems with wasps around the house or garden then there will be a nest somewhere nearby.

The queen will build a new nest every year using wood she strips from fence panels and sheds mixing it will her saliva to create a strong and durable nest building material.

Fixed Price Wasp Treatments In Surrey!

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Wasp Nest Treatments

Towards June and July the nests in Surrey are starting to hold an incredible amount of wasps ranging from 5,000 – 10,000 and growing everyday.
With this many wasps in a single nest it’s easy to see why they will attack to protect the queen in such vast numbers.
I will treat the nest using Ficam D which is only available for trained professionals to use. This will normally cause the wasp nest to become very active for a couple of hours while the dust takes effect.

If your wasp nest is still showing signs of activity after 48 hours then I will return free of charge but they are normally 100% dead after 2-3 hours.

How Do We Control Wasps?

The nest entrance is the safest and easiest place to treat the nest and is just as effective as treating the nest directly.
It is normally very difficult to find the nest as they are normally tucked away in confined spaces.
If you would like to find out more regarding wasps then please call or email me.

We also provide wasp nest removal in Epsom, Dorking, Leatherhead, Woking, Guildford, Horley, Banstead, Weybridge, Addlestone and surrounding areas,

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