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Mole Catcher Guildford £90

mole catcher Guildford

Are You Looking For A Mole Catcher In Guildford?

Unfortunately moles cannot be caught alive due the fact they feed on a four hour cycle so if a mole is left in a live trap for overnight it will starve and suffer.
The only option to humanly catch moles is to trap them using extremely strong professionally designed traps ensuring an instant kill. Many of my customers in Guildford put off dealing with the mole in their garden and later pay the price as the moles begin to breed causing an infestation that could have been avoided.

Moles move onto your lawn in search of their favourite food which is the earth worm. Although this is a good indication of a healthy lawn the mole will quickly dig long tunnels allowing it to feed.
The mole will leave large mole hills all over the lawn as it establishes a large underground network leaving the owner wondering what to do.

Why Use My Services?

I have been catching moles for over 14 years which has allowed me to build an understanding of how they work, live and breed. Using this experience I will quickly catch any moles in your garden or field bring a quick end to your mole problem.

Fixed Price Mole Control £90

My mole catcher service in Guildford has a guaranteed fixed price off just £90 for the first mole.
This includes all my travel expenses and return visits to check my traps. For peace of mind I also offer a no mole no fee service showing my skills in mole catching.
If you have more than one mole then large discounts apply. If you would like to find out more please contact the Guildford Mole Catcher today!