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Mole Catcher Esher

Mole Pest Control Service £90

mole pest control

I am a registered mole catcher covering Esher and surrounding areas. Moles are becoming a big problem in the area with many gardens and paddocks becoming infested with them.

If moles have moved into your garden then it’s a good sign of a healthy lawn because the moles are looking for worms to feed on.
They work on a 4 hour cycle foraging for food by creating new tunnels and leaving mole hills all over the ground. There are only 2 real options with moles 1 – To put up with them and the mess they make or 2 – Call a mole catcher to humanely catch and remove the moles quickly.

Fixed Price Mole Control

My mole control service in Esher has a guaranteed fixed price off just £90 for the first mole. This includes all my travel expenses and return visits to check my traps. For peace of mind I also offer a no mole no fee service showing my skills in mole catching.

If you have more than one mole then large discounts apply. I am always happy to discuss your mole problem in Esher so please feel free to give me a call!

catching a mole in Esher