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Wasp Nest Removal Claygate

Finding a wasp nest around your home or business is often a worrying experience.

We provide our wasp nest removal service in Claygate 7 days a week for only £45. Our treatments ensure the nest is treated and destroyed within a few hours bringing a quick end to your wasp problem.

Our team of pest control technicians can reach wasp nests in most locations using high reach equipment that’s only available to professionals.

A single wasp nest has the potential to grow to rapidly with the queen reproducing at an alarming rate. This means a nest can contain up to 20,000 wasp during the late summer.

If the nest is disturbed the wasps will attack with force causing serious problems for thier victim.

Get rid of your wasps today and call the pest control experts at MPC!

Claygate wasp control only £45.00 this summer!