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Squirrel Control Surrey

Squirrel Removal Expert

The grey squirrel was introduced into the UK in the early 20th century and has flourished ever since.
Surrey squirrel removal have seen hundreds of times over the years how these squirrels make their way into lofts chewing through rotten fascia boards.
Once inside they will quickly reek havoc chewing wiring and thrashing around day and night.
This is when it's time to call Surrey squirrel control. Using our knowledge and experience we can quickly arrange a visit to set our squirrel traps.
Once in location we will check back every 24 hours to monitor the situation.

How Do We Catch Squirrels?

There are only two ways to catch the grey squirrel.
The first is to set live catch traps in the loft using a bait like peanuts to lure them in.
Once caught by law the squirrel must be dispatched humanely.

Surrey squirrel removal prefer to use instant kill traps like the kania.
This trap ensure the squirrel is dispatched quickly without any unnecessary stress caused like with using the live traps.

We catch and removal squirrels 7 days a week in Surrey!

−No extra costs for weekend visits!

Dangers Of A Squirrel Infestation

squirrel in the loft