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MPC Pest Control

We are a small family run business providing Rat, Mice, Squirrel, Mole and Wasp control 7 days a week!

Epsom Rodent Control

Rodent infestations are becoming more and more common in Epsom and this is due to the out of date drainage systems many of the older properties have.

Typically rats will take advantage of any faulty drains if it means an easy meal. Often they will work their way into your house through the drains and into the floor or wall cavities.

If there is a food source readily available to the rats then this will quickly become an infestation and will need a specialist like Epsom rodent control.

Epsom rat control

Rat Control & Removal

Rat are notoriously one of the toughest pests to control and there are many factors why.
Rats are a lot smarter than your normal mice often out smarting and evading capture with ease.
At Epsom rat control we know a rat infestation needs careful planning to ensure not only all rodents are removed but also no future rats will move back in once the rat control treatment has finished.
Don't delay call the Epsom rat control experts today!

mice infestation

Mice Control & Removal

Mice also cause massive amounts of damage leaving expensive bills to the property owner on a regular basis.
When the Epsom mouse control team attend a new job the first thing we need to work out is whether you have a rat or mice infestation as these are normally treated slightly differently.
Often the trapping method is very effective on quickly reducing the number of unwanted rodents in lofts, kitchens and roof voids.
Remember both rats & mice will carry diseases so a professional service like Epsom mice control should always be used to ensure the correct protective measures have been taken.


Common signs of a rodent infestation in your home

    • Rat & Mice droppings
    • Urine marks and a strong urine smell
    • Chewed wires and pipes in the loft
    • Finding nesting materials like loft insulation
    • Noises from the roof area during the evening
    • Strange holes appearing

All the above are common things found by Epsom rodent control when accessing a new job.

MPC rat & mice control is available 7 days a week!

−Get rid of your rats & mice today!

How do we control your rodent problems?

We have two methods we regularly use to quickly eliminate rats and mice form properties.


We use anticoagulant baits in secure bait stations around the effected areas. The rodents will feed on these baits and slowly become more and more confident taking more bait each visit. This method normally takes up to 3 weeks before significant results are seen.

Baiting will not suit every job and will often depend on the location and whether any animals or people are present.


Using pre-baited break back traps can also provide excellent results. This rat & mouse control method can be safely used when rodents have nested in your attic. 

Like with the rodenticides we can use our traps in bait stations which ensures non target species, pets and humans are protected from the traps.

We also specialise in the removal of wasp nests.