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MPC Pest Control

We are a small family run business providing Rat, Mice, Squirrel, Mole and Wasp control 7 days a week!

MPC Pest & Vermin Control Woking

We removal rats, Mice, Squirrels, Wasps and Moles from properties quickly & safely!

MPC Pest control Woking know how stressful finding a rodent infestation can be. Typically rats and mice will invade your home in search of food and shelter.

Rodent control is not normally a quick fix and locating the breach and preventing further infestations is essential when tackling them.

rodent control in Woking

Woking Rat, Mice & Squirrel Control

Why do rats, mice and squirrels pose such a risk?
Both rats and mice carry diseases which can be transferred to humans through the rodents urine and feces.
Rat and mice control can be very tactical especially with rats. They have what is known as 'neophobia' which means they become very aware and nervous around any new surroundings. This becomes very problematic for the Woking pest control technician when it comes to leaving out a bait or trap for them.

Key points to any rodent control program

  • The size of any infestation needs to be ascertained
  • Will traps be sufficient or will a rodenticide be required
  • Which is the safest and best method to be used on the site
  • Make sure the correct dose or amount of traps are set in the required locations.
  • Once on top of any rat, mice or squirrel removal a prevention program must be put in place to restrict any future infestations.

MPC removal Mice, Rats, squirrels, wasps and moles 7 days a week!

−Effective rodent control programs!
woking pest control removing a wasp nest

Wasp Pest Control Treatments

Wasps, hornets and bees pose a different risk altogether.
A queen wasp will emerge from hibernation around March time looking for a suitable nesting site for her and her offspring.
Normally your loft or shed are the most popular locations.
Pest control Woking are vastly experienced when it comes to wasp nest removal. Wasps will attack when they feel threatened stinging anyone within reach.
Wasp nest removal in Woking should only ever be carried out by a certified pest control technician.

How Woking pest control treat a wasps nest

  • The nest entrance is located (under tiles, fascia boards)
  • A professional use only insecticide is sprayed into the nest via the entrance point
  • Wasps will generally become aggressive for an hour or two after treatment
  • The wasp activity will start to reduce within 30 minutes
  • Normally after 3 hours the nest will be completely dead
mole catcher working in Woking

Mole Catcher Service

Moles are very tricky customers at the best of times and can be very frustrating to catch.
I have been catching moles in Woking for the last 10 years using the effective and humane method trapping.
Traps a skillfully set in the correct location ensuring we catch all moles quickly and effectively.
Woking pest control also offer a no mole no fee service!

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  • We have a number a small barns that are mainly used for guest rooms. We noticed that 3 of them had been infested with rats and they needed to be removed. Marcus set his traps and removed them with a few weeks. Thanks!

    Mr C ploughman

  • A couple of grey squirrels had chewed into the roof space. We tried to catch them but with no success. We found mpc on the web and arranged a visit. The traps were set and problem resolved!

    Liz - Woking

  • Wasp and mice removal was required urgently. Mpc even came out on a Sunday at no extra control.

    Nicky Mellor - Woking