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MPC Pest Control

We are a small family run business providing Rat, Mice, Squirrel, Mole and Wasp control 7 days a week!

MPC Pest Control Lingfield

Are You Having Problems With Moles, Wasps, Mice, Rats or Squirrels?


MPC are a small family run pest control service operating in Lingfield. With over 10 years experience we take great pride in our fantastic reputation within the Lingfield area for our swift and effective pest control service.

rodent control in lingfield

Lingfield Rat, Mice & Squirrel Control

We also provide our customers a rodent control and removal service ridding them of rats, mice and squirrels.
Rodent infestations can quickly get out of hand so it is essential you call a local rodent removal expert as soon as you can.
Using a mixture of traps and rodenticides we will quickly get to grips with any rat or mice problems.
To find out more on our rat & mice control services please contact us today.

mole catcher in lingfield

Lingfield Mole Catcher

MPC Pest Control Lingfield are members of the British Traditional Mole Catchers Register.
Moles can cause a large amount of damage to a lawn or paddock in a very small amount of time by digging huge tunnels networks while searching for food.
We only catch moles using strong humane mole traps ensuring the mole is killed instantly without suffering as this is the most effect method available. We don’t use any poisons or gases which will cause unnecessary suffering to the moles.

Most moles are caught within the first 24 hours and to show our expertise we offer a genuine no mole no fee service and we don’t charge to set or check our traps, you only pay per mole!

We remove rats, mice, squirrels, moles, and wasps throughout Lingfield 7 days a week!

−Call the experts today!
wasp removal in lingfield

Lingfield Wasp Nest Removal £45

We also offer a same day wasp nest removal service for a fixed price of £45.
This includes our guarantee that if the wasp treatment is unsuccessful after the first visit, we will return free of charge until the nest is dead although this is very rare with most nests inactive after 3-4 hours.

The common place to find a wasp nest in Lingfield is under roof tiles and in the loft. The nest is treated with a professional insecticide designed to kill the nest quickly and effectively.
The treatment process is fairly quick but will depend on the access to the area.

The Lingfield pest control team were great! We had a wasp nest near our front door and they removed it the same day.

, Mrs Newman - Lingfield