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MPC Pest Control

We are a small family run business providing Rat, Mice, Squirrel, Mole and Wasp control 7 days a week!

MPC Pest Control Dorking

MPC Pest Control Dorking provide effective pest solutions for domestic and commercial properties including Wasps, Moles, Rats, Mice and Squirrels within the Dorking area.

mole pest control in Dorking

Mole Control In Dorking £75

One of the most common pests often invading peoples gardens in Dorking is the Mole (Talpa Europaea).
The sandy soil you find in Dorking provides the moles with good conditions to tunnel in search for food.
MPC Pest Control Dorking use the traditional method of trapping to catch moles. This is the most humane option available and normally we will catch the mole within the first 24 hours.

We charge a fixed price of £75 and do not charge for laying or checking our traps. MPC are also registered members of the British Traditional Mole Catchers Register and follow their guidelines ensuring all moles are caught without suffering.

treating a large wasp nest in Dorking

Dorking Wasp Nest Removal £45

Another one of the pests that’s seems to thrive in Dorking is the Wasp (Vespula vulgaris).
Every year we treat hundreds of wasp nests in lofts, gardens and roof spaces. The nests are treated via the entrance using a pressurized dust applicator which is pumped into the nest entrance killing them within an hour or so.
If your nest is still active after 24 hours then MPC Pest Control Dorking will return to treat the nest for free!

Our wasp treatments have a fixed price of £45 and all wasp nest removal treatments are guaranteed.

Dorking rodent removal and control

Having Problems With Rats, Mice or Squirrels In Your Home?

MPC also provide rodent control for both rats and mice in the Dorking area.
Finding out you have a rodent problem can be very alarming and it does also pose serious heath risks.
To find out more about out rat or mice control please call us today for more info!

Experts in mice, rat, squirrel, wasp and mole control!

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