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MPC Pest Control

We are a small family run business providing Rat, Mice, Squirrel, Mole and Wasp control 7 days a week!

MPC Pest & Vermin Control Colchester

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MPC Pest control Colchester have been resolving pest relate issues for over 10 years bringing a wealth of both rodent and insect behavoiur. Effective pest control is more than just setting a few traps or laying rodenticide in a loft space. We aim to get to the heart of any infestation which means finding the source. Once this is acheived half the battle is won. We make locating the entry point and proofing a high priorty, especially with any rodent control.

rodent control in colchester

Colchester Rodent Control

Heard noises in the loft or have you found droppings?
Rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels are the most common pests tackled by our Colchester pest control technicians.
During the colder months these 3 pests typically invade homes in Colchester searching for a warmer climate or to find a food and water source.
There are two common traits that rodents have and both can be dangerous to our health and safety.
All rodents gnaw to keep their growing teeth size to a manageable level. Often they will chew wires or water pipes causing huge amounts of damage to properties. The second common trait is the deposit of droppings commonly found in lofts, sheds or behind kitchen cupboards.

Indentify the pest!

– Locate the enrty points around the property (proof after pests have been eliminated)

– Put a pest management program in place with a trap and bait stratergy

– What is the safest method of control in this scenario

– Provide the least toxic method to the environment and non target species

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getting rid of wasps

Wasps, Fleas, Flies & Bedbug Control

Our Colchetser pest controllers deal with all types of insects from wasp nests right through to bedbug infestations. There are a number of ways to quickly resolve these unwanted guests ranging from insecticide sprays to heat treatments. As with any pest treatments provided by our Colchester team all treatments are fully guaranteed.

mole pest control

Expert Mole Catcher Service in CO4

Often seen as one of the cutiest pests by our customers they have also experienced the huge amount of damage just a single mole can cause when left to its own devices. We have one of the very best mole catchers in Colchester who has a fantastic reputation within the area for his quick and humane control of these burrowing pests.
If you require the very best pest control Colchester has on offer please don't hesitate to give our office a call toady!

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