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Need Help With A Mole Problem?

If you have a mole destroying your garden then call the mole catcher Ardingly today for fast and guaranteed results.

With over 20 years of mole trapping experience we guarantee to quickly catch any invading moles with the minimum of fuss. Using traditional trapping methods and No gasses or poison we ensure we only catch the intended pest.

MPC use the traditional method of trapping, a skill which has been around for hundreds of years and when used correctly can have fantastic results!

Unlike other companies, we only charge if a mole is caught. There is no charge for travel, setting the traps or checking them.

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£150 To Catch The Mole

HUGE discounts on any additional moles caught.

10/10 For Customer Reviews

No hidden charges! Just a friendly, affordable and experienced mole control service.

Fully Insured Mole Trapper

Providing mole control throughout Ardingly

How To Contact Your Mole Catcher In Ardingly

1 – WhatsApp or Call

You can either send us a message via WhatsApp, text or call us! We can’t always answer but we try our best to return your call within an hour. 

2 – Book A Visit

Our Ardingly mole catcher service is available 5 days a week and we are flexible on times. Get in touch today to book a visit.

3 – No More Moles!

Normally we resolve most mole infestations within a 2-3 visits. However, the price is the same even if it takes more than anticipated.

Fast And Effective Mole Trapper In Ardingly

How Many Moles Are In My Garden?

As a general rule, if the mole hills have appeared within the last few days it’s just a single mole. The longer a mole is left in a garden then the chances of other moles moving in increases.

We will not remove our traps until we are 100% sure all moles have been removed.


No, moles do not hibernate. Moles are active all year round. Although during July and August they will become less active due to the ground being dry meaning the moles will be deeper down searching for worms.


Mole tunnels and the mounds of soil created can cause a number of different issues.

When a mole invades your lawn in search of food it will excavate large amounts of soil which is deposited on the surface known as a mole hill. These can cause issues with expensive lawnmowers like on a golf course for example. Any stones that are hidden in the soil can damage the blades on the machinery,

Also, the tunnels can pose serious problems for livestock and especially horses. As there is now a weak spot under foot a horse can turn its ankle very easily causing serious injury. This is why we are trapping moles all year round on farms, golf courses and paddocks in Ardingly.


We believe we provide the best all round mole control service in Ardingly. Our prices are extremely competitive compared to other pest control services in the area.

Also, we only charge the customer if a mole is actually caught. There are no hidden charges for return visits and the setting of traps. It’s a one-off fee to be paid once the work has been completed!


MPC came out to me last summer to a large wasp nest in my garage. The guy was very efficient and professional. The nest was treated and within a few days they had completely gone. Highly recommend and for that price too was a bargain!


MPC are very professional and friendly. They gave us excellent advice and were prompt and courteous when dealing with our wasp nest. Brilliant to deal with all round.

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